Monday, October 11, 2010

Fresh cupcakes and a pot of fruit tea at Boutique Cupcakes... heaven!

Posted by Boutique Cupcakes at Monday, October 11, 2010

It has been 5 days since we last open,
and boy we have to say, it was a VERY BUSY yet filled with SUPERB FUN week!
There were a lot of cupcake lovers coming in and out of Boutique Cupcakes going ooos... and aaaahsss...
Not forgetting customers with last minute take out for engagement, office/friends/family's gathering/birthdays and best of all, looking at kids running in and pulling their mummy's shirt saying 'i want chocolate cupcake!', 'i want pink cream cupcake', and more 'i want this and that..'..

Seeing this, all we could do was smile looking at those loving parents fulfilling their kids demand and in return, we offered them some free sweets and lollipop for the great business introduction :)
We really really hope the good sales and cupcake trend will continue to pick up in Kota Kinabalu :)

Initially when we first open the shop, we plan it to be a take out outlet, with few seats for waiting customer.
But who knows, most of our customer love having their freshly baked cupcakes there together with a hot pot of fruit tea that we bought all the way from Hong Kong! :)
Surprisingly, our location is also perfect and away from direct sunlight, so it's pretty comfy to have an afternoon tea while cathing up with your friends or your love ones.

Hrmm... This calls for plan B.
We will improvise the shop and add more seats in the future ^^

For those of you who won our Golden Tickets, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Better luck next time for those who didn't yeah?
Remember.. the contest is through out OCTOBER!
Hurry and grab your cupcakes from Tuesday - Sunday*, 11.30am - 9pm!!!
*Monday is our off day ;)

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