Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding cakes and cupcakes: What theme should i go for?

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September has always been a favourite month for us at Boutique Cupcakes :)
Not only it reminded us of our journey during the setting up of our FIRST cafe in Lintas Plaza, but it is also the time where wedding bells are everywhere and surprise birthday parties are happening almost every night!

However, the top question that we've always been asked whenever customers walk in to our shop to order their engagement or wedding cupcakes/cakes is...

What theme should i go for?

Clearly, most of our customer knew what they wanted.. but they are having trouble at expressing it!

So from now onwards, Boutique Cupcakes will post ideas and examples of wedding cakes and cupcakes for your inspiration. Next time you'll come to BC, all you have to do, is show us the photo :) and we'll be happy to do it for you.


Wedding cupcakes / cake theme purely depending on the time of the event.
Be it summer or spring wedding, vintage or garden wedding, floral or beach wedding cakes, you have to decide if your wedding is to be held during the day, or at night... indoor or outdoor.

And why is that you asked? :)

First of all, fondant decoration is suitable at room or slightly below room temperature.. Buttercream however lasts longer.

Secondly, you might want to opt for brighter colour for night events and bolder/darker during the day, as contrast can really bring impact to the overall look of your wedding

Thirdly, the size of your wedding cakes should be relative to the number of wedding guests you are expecting. Will you be serving the wedding cake as a dessert in its own right or as an accompaniment to coffee? Or will it be just for decoration purposes?

Beach Wedding theme cupcakes from Bella Cupcakes

Classy Damask Theme

Vintage/High Tea theme by Claire's Cakes

Here are also some designs specially made for our customer by yours truly :)

Feeling a little more creative?
Opt for creative custom design and personalise your own cake according to what makes both of the couple happy!

How about celebrating both birthday AND marriage proposal at the same time? =D

If you can't decide on cakes OR cupcakes for your wedding/engagement..., easy!
Have them both =D

You can also view more design from our old post. Click here

More wedding cupcakes/cake theme coming up!

So bookmark/follow our blog for future updates =D

Till then, XOXO..
BC team

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boutique Cupcakes first D.I.Y Fun Class : The Angry Bird Edition

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Boutique Cupcakes brought yet another smile to everyone and this time, is through our very first D.I.Y Fun class!!! Wohooo! =D

The DIY fun class was held on the 11th Sept 2011 last Sunday, (same day as the mid-autumn festival) involving 3 groups which consists of 3 mothers together with 2 sons and a daughter.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

We were surprised that the little chefs consists more boys than girls XD
And we thought girl loves to bake more than the boys :P

Anyway, the class was conducted by none other than our lovely Ms. Angeline Han, together with 2 others from BC deco team.
Just in case you're wondering, other than having fun learning how to make the current famous smart phone phenomenon i.e. The Angry Bird cake, this class also aimed to give a closer bond between both parents and their children :)

In the D.I.Y fun package, each participants were given an 8-inch cake, a set of colourful fondant for decoration as well as tools for decorating.

Though it was suppose to be a fun D.I.Y class for all 6 of them, it clearly seemed that the children were the ones who were eager to compete with each other on who can create the most beautiful angry bird art work :P
They just couldn't stop looking at each other =D

The class took roughly an hour to finish... and tada~~!!! Look at the finished masterpiece!

Congratulations to all 3 groups especially all 3 little chefs who managed to create such a beautiful Angry Bird cake!

Of course, all participants can bring their masterpiece back home with no doubt, a proud smile on their face =D
We bet eating cake from now on will give a whole new meaning to all 3 groups :)

So what are you waiting for? =D
Boutique Cupcakes will have another D.I.Y Fun Class soon with a whole new theme!

For more information on Boutique Cupcakes next D.I.Y Class, please call 088 484 173.

Till then ,
xoxo from the BC team!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cuppies Moon and Cookies Moon

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BC want to do something different for Moon Cake Festival this year!

Yesterday we've come out with Cuppies Moon..
and now we have Cookies Moon!!! =D

Cookies Moon @ Rm3.50 each - Almond & Peanut Butter Flavors

Perfect for grandparents to nibble and have their tea! Mmmm..

Cookies Moon Packaging - RM40 (12 cookies in it + 2 flavours)

Cuppies Moon (recap) @ RM7 - You can choose your cupcake flavors :)

Order now with us! Call 088 484173 or just drop us a message in FB!!
4 more days peeps!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BC Moon Cake Cupcakes

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Hey guys!

Moon Cake festival is happening on the 12th September 2011 and our Moon Cake Cupcakes is up for grab @ RM7 each =D

For gifts to friends and family, we suggest our customer to get a box of 6, 12 and 25.
So grab them while it's hot!

Please leave us a message in FB or call us at 088 484173 for more inquiries!

5 days left!

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Attention people!

Our D.I.Y Studio Fun Class is getting closer! For those who want to participate, please register now! 5 more days to go so what are you waiting for??

Here's what you have to do:

E-mail parent and child's names to

Registration fee is RM350 per group (group of 2).

Hurry up! Limited to 5 groups only!

Selamat Hari Raya to all BC fans and friends!

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Hey guys! If it's not too late.... HAPPY HARI RAYA to all the BC Friends and Fans!!! "Maaf Zahir dan Batin" ^_^ Hehe...

So how's your Hari Raya celebration been? =D

As for all of us in the BC team, we 'almost' had enough of Rendang, Satay, Roasted Lamb and Ketupat....
and to make matters worse.. the weighing scale is increasing day by day too (!) *sobs*

BUT fret not :) we all know Raya celebration only come once a year right?
So keep your food intake in moderation and you're good to go.
While visiting friends and family for the Raya open house, here's a few suggestions of what you can give them for Raya gifts =D

1) BC Hari Raya Customised Cupcake Design

Boutique Cupcakes provides all kinds of customised design that will surely bring out the smile on your loved ones. With BC creative Hari Raya set , you'll be sure that your raya will become more meaningful :)

2D design: RM7.50

1. Moon Star Symbol
2. Little Boy wearing songkok
4. ketupat

3D design:

5. Pelita - RM8
6. Mosque - RM8.50
7. Satay - RM8
8. Lemang - RM8
9. Kuih Lapis - RM8.50

2) Boutique Cupcakes Special Kueh Lapis (Layered Cake) @ rm39.90

What makes Kueh Lapis special is the passion and dedication put in every layer.
The cake binds all unique flavours in each layer to become 1 single delicious and harmonised cake, just like a family :)
So show your love to your family with BC Special Kueh Lapis for this Raya! =D

Till then, enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boutique Cupcakes moved to CityMall!

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In the midst of being busy with our new outlet, we've just realised that we haven't blogged about our new outlet in CityMall!!!
*smacks self*
To all Boutique Cupcakes friends and fans, including our new customers, please be informed that we have moved from our Lintas Plaza outlet to CityMall, KK.
Now that we have all things sorted out, let me spend some time to update you with our latest news, updates and promotions ;)


On the 25th July 2011, the Boutique Cupcakes team finally decided to move to a new location with a bigger space to cater bigger crowd :)
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new cafe, and what makes us happy is it provides convenience to our beloved customer to shop AND to hang out at our cozy cafe.
Plus, our cafe is easy to locate (right in front of the highway, right next to Veda Blue Cafe) and parking space is much better as well :)

Check out our new BC chic 'handbag' too ;)
If you noticed, we have simplified our logo for a classier look =D

Our team is growing as well...
and we have been involved in many events including the recent KK FOOD FEST organised by Life&Style online magazine :)

PS: The baking team (image above) and the designing team (image below) both have their own space as well.
We now have a cupcake studio *yey!*

With bigger team, we have now introduced more cupcake flavours including other delicious sweets and savouries product too!

Warning: Lots of delicious food ahead

Here are SOME Hot and delicious savouries available for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom soup s/w mini croissant

Salsa Chicken Salad

BC Thai Fish Salad

Ciabatta Bread with Vege & Brie Cheese s/w vege salad & potato crackers

Croissant with Turkey Ham & Cheese s/w vege salad & potato crackers

Chicken Pot Pie

King's Omelet s/w vege salad & potato crackers

Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese

Ho ho ho~~ tempting and yummmmmyyyy isn't it? That's only a few fyi... :P

Now here's our new cupcake flavours :)

Little Black Forest

Coffee Addict

Tangy Orange

Red Velvet

Apple Crumble Cupcake
(perfect for those who is health conscious)

Every week, we will also have 'cupcake of the week', and this week is the famous and cute "Angry Bird" *humming Angry Bird game intro*

Last but not least, some of our new drinks and desserts!!

Petit Four (it means small oven :P)

Croissant & Banana pudding s/w Ice Cream

Waffles n Ice Cream & fresh fruits

Orange Chocolate Eclair

Scones s/w strawberry jam & cream

Cream Puff

Cake Pop

Oreo Craze Ice Blended

Coffee high ice blended

Ice chocolate-licious ice blended

Hot Chocolate (Top choice!)

BC Cappuccino

Best of all, you can now get discounts by using our BC FAN CLUB card!!!

To get it, all you need to do is to spend RM30 and you are entitled to get 1 BC Fan Club Card and receive 10% off on the spot!

With our BC FAN CLUB card*, you will get:
  • 10% off on total bill for every RM30 spent under one single receipt-Spend
  • 15% off on total bill for RM100 spent under one single receipt
  • Birthday Member gets 15% off for RM30, 20% for RM100 under one single receipt
  • BC Fan Club Member is invited to our BC events
  • You will also receive a RM20 voucher for Custom designed Cupcakes/Cake together with your card :)
*T&C: This card is not transferable and Not applicable to Custom Designed Cupcakes & Promotional Items*

You can also choose from 10 different colours! =D

Hrmm... I think it's better for me to stop here FOR NOW :P
We've soooooo much to share!
There are still the new customised cupcakes and cakes design.... our wedding and engagement design... the upcoming new desserts... The DIY cupcakes.. BC Fun Day...

Oh! Before i end this post, did we mention that we have new family pets in the cafe too?
Meet the manly 'Croissant', The Fighter 'Fruit Tart' and The Shy 'Pudding' (image from top to bottom) :P

Manly 'Croissant'

The Fighter 'Fruit Tart'

The Shy 'Pudding'

Make sure to say Hello when you drop by!
See you in the next post and don't forget to LIKE our Fan page here =D

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