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Wedding cakes and cupcakes: What theme should i go for?

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September has always been a favourite month for us at Boutique Cupcakes :)
Not only it reminded us of our journey during the setting up of our FIRST cafe in Lintas Plaza, but it is also the time where wedding bells are everywhere and surprise birthday parties are happening almost every night!

However, the top question that we've always been asked whenever customers walk in to our shop to order their engagement or wedding cupcakes/cakes is...

What theme should i go for?

Clearly, most of our customer knew what they wanted.. but they are having trouble at expressing it!

So from now onwards, Boutique Cupcakes will post ideas and examples of wedding cakes and cupcakes for your inspiration. Next time you'll come to BC, all you have to do, is show us the photo :) and we'll be happy to do it for you.


Wedding cupcakes / cake theme purely depending on the time of the event.
Be it summer or spring wedding, vintage or garden wedding, floral or beach wedding cakes, you have to decide if your wedding is to be held during the day, or at night... indoor or outdoor.

And why is that you asked? :)

First of all, fondant decoration is suitable at room or slightly below room temperature.. Buttercream however lasts longer.

Secondly, you might want to opt for brighter colour for night events and bolder/darker during the day, as contrast can really bring impact to the overall look of your wedding

Thirdly, the size of your wedding cakes should be relative to the number of wedding guests you are expecting. Will you be serving the wedding cake as a dessert in its own right or as an accompaniment to coffee? Or will it be just for decoration purposes?

Beach Wedding theme cupcakes from Bella Cupcakes

Classy Damask Theme

Vintage/High Tea theme by Claire's Cakes

Here are also some designs specially made for our customer by yours truly :)

Feeling a little more creative?
Opt for creative custom design and personalise your own cake according to what makes both of the couple happy!

How about celebrating both birthday AND marriage proposal at the same time? =D

If you can't decide on cakes OR cupcakes for your wedding/engagement..., easy!
Have them both =D

You can also view more design from our old post. Click here

More wedding cupcakes/cake theme coming up!

So bookmark/follow our blog for future updates =D

Till then, XOXO..
BC team

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