Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Boutique Cupcakes!!!

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Trick or treat!!!
Halloween is finally here!

So how was your Halloween party celebration everyone?
At Boutique Cupcakes, we had a blast!
And we would like to thank all of our customer who came from 8.30pm till late to celebrate it with us :)
It was such a memorable event ^_^

As you would have known, during the 1 week period before Halloween, Boutique Cupcakes team switched from wearing our cute pink hat to a variety of Halloween themed head band.

Then, few hours before the Halloween party started, Mei brought lots and lots of helium balloon, which we decorated the place and made it so colourful with Orange and Black Halloween theme!

Our baking team, Edy, also baked us finger cookie... which looked... real.. and creepy @_@

Anyways, guests arrived as early as 8pm.
We had fun mingling around and getting to know our customer, while serving our mini Halloween themed cupcakes!
We would also like to thank all bloggers who came and celebrated Halloween with us :)

For kids who dressed up, we presented them a special Halloween treat ;)
Mei and Angeline gave all of them a complimentary movie ticket courtesy of Cathay Cineplex Kota Kinabalu ^_^

Picture above shows Noor, one of our baking team giving out treats to the guests.
Other than that, she also made a spooky show lol!


It was the highlight of the night to see Noor floating left and right in the kitchen with that black veil covering her face.
PS: Noor, you better thank the baking team for pushing and pulling the trolley behind the kitchen counter. lol!

Finally, group picture!!!!

We really to hope to organise this sort of event again in the future.
Finally, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and thank you all for coming!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat!!! Halloween cupcakes at Boutique Cupcakes

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It's 2 more days till Halloween and Boutique Cupcakes is all geared up with Halloween theme!!!

Check out our Halloween cupcakes! It is now available for pre-order!!!

Whether it is for your Halloween party, surprise birthday party (we know few customers who's born on Halloween) or whatever occasion it might be, these design will definitely bring a smile to your guests as well as your loved ones.

As usual, for last minute occasion, we have also prepared few line ups of Halloween design at our cupcake counter and it all cost it between RM6 - RM6.50 each.

If you add RM2, u can also get fondant writing for any wishes!
Just request free candles from us, and you're good to go for your events.

Oh! Don't forget, we also have boxes of 6 and 12!

So what are you waiting for??!!
Only 2 more day left before Halloween over!


Call 088 243 552 (outlet)or 016 8262 508 (consultation)

PS: Get in the mood and drop by to our outlet on Halloween with your funky head band / outfit. Kids are always welcome!

Monday, October 25, 2010

They are also made to pre-order ;)

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Happy Monday to all Boutique Cupcakes lover!

If you guys have any last minute celebration or plan to surprise or present a gift to your loved ones, come to Boutique Cupcakes and grab any one of our 12 flavours from the cupcake counter!

You can also request for free candles, free piping writing for any wordings (not more than 15 letters) and also free simple ribbon.

Here are some examples:

This is combination of Hearty Carrot Flavour and Chocolate Vanilla flavour in 25 pcs - RM110 + RM2 fondant writing - RM112.

This is a combination of Cherry Blossom, Chocolate Vanilla and Vanilla Chocolate cupcakes - 1 dozen (12 pcs) RM55 + RM2 fondant wording = RM57

Here are some photos tagged by our customer:

Photo credits to Sharon Evylina P. Govind

Photo credits to Alison Vanessa

Youcan also improvise by adding RM2 for fondant wording (Not more than 15 letters) and RM2 for Boutique Cupcakes Ribbon.

We have a box of 6, 12 and 25 with cupcake inserts to secure your cupcakes ;)

Aside from the 12 flavours available at the cupcake counter, we also have special design almost daily which you can mix and match with your cupcake selections ;) Price ranges from RM6 - RM8 depending on the design of the day.

This is Oscar and Elmo design at RM6/pc

Move flavours coming up soon and we might need to separate them by days :)

Till then, look forward to our HALLOWEEN Special Cupcake Design starting next Tuesday till 31st October 2010!!!

You can pre-order them for any celebrations too.

To pre-order, please call our outlet at 088 - 243552 :)

You can view our 12 flavours here


On other note, the Boutique Cupcakes team held its first mini birthday celebration yesterday for our new baking team member, Edy.

We only knew his bday quiet last minute,
So to give him a birthday treat, Sharon and Wei-Wei (bakers team) decorated Boutique Cupcakes Vanilla cupcakes with a special deco and message just for him :)

Happy Birthday Edy!!!

Unfortunately, 2 of our important team members (Mei & Jet) were not there ><" No worries, we have collected all team member's bday for future celebrations ^_^ If you want to celebrate 'last minute' celebration just like us, you know where to find us :P Visit Boutique Cupcakes or call/email to pre-order / make reservation today!!! Our contact:

Outlet - 088 243552
Mobile - 016 8262 508
Email -


Friday, October 22, 2010

New surprises everyday at Boutique Cupcakes!

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In Boutique Cupcakes outlet, we have a cupcake counter section for our baking team to go crazy with their creative cupcake design.

We have done the Pucca design...

Elmo design...

Cookie Monster design....

Bunny and Bear design...

and also Secret Garden design... (fondant design)

Each custom design using buttercream is sold at RM6/pc, and full fondant design at RM7/pc.
And if you mix and match with our 12 cupcake flavours available at our cupcake counter, you can buy them as a gift for your last minute events, celebration and occasions!
It is a perfect gifts to your loved ones :)
We also provide free writing using cream and if you add RM2, you can get a fondant writing.
For example:

Picture is courtesy of Alison Vanessa

Due to the great respond from our ever supportive customer, now we're making 3D DESIGN cupcakes and it's now available at our Boutique Cupcakes outlet!!!

... and just YESTERDAY, we produced another cute design.. and they are...


"Despicable me" fans went all crazy and we're glad that they liked it :)

All 3D design cupcakes is sold at RM8/pc.

If you have more creative custom idea that you'd like the baking team to have fun with, don't hesitate to buzz us anytime. We're always open to new ideas and will take up any design challenge thrown at us :)

Just like how we did during our business in Facebook before, Boutique cupcakes STILL continue taking custom design cupcakes order.

Here are some designs requested by our customer since our first outlet opening on the 7th October 2010 :)




Point is, we do ANY crazy design requested by our customer.

If you are a follower of Boutique Cupcakes since 2009, you'll know that we have lots of photos of our past custom made design cupcakes.

But if you're a new customer, you can always visit our facebook to view them, OR, simply click here:

Boutique Cupcakes album 1
Boutique Cupcakes album 2

and now our new album:

Custom Designed Cupcakes
Tasty Home Made cupcakes

For bigger events, such as shop opening, weddings, festivals and more, you can visit them here:
Samantha Boutique shop opening
Mina's Beach Wedding
Ting yen's wedding

For cupcakes package and montly shop promotion, please keep visiting this album from time to time, or simply follow us in Facebook and Twitter :)

Boutique Cupcakes Monthly Promotion

If you would like to pre-order your custom design cupcakes, below are the packages:

Creative Custom Cupcake Order

a) Birthdays & Small scale parties/events/occasions:

* Minimum order: 1 Tray (Consist of 25 standard cupcake size)
* RM150 to RM180 (Depending on Complexity of the Design)
* Only available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavour
* Frosting: Buttercream mixed with Fondant design
* Edible icing image is available upon request
* Minimum deposit of RM50 to be paid at Boutique Cupcakes Outlet
* Please place order 1-2 weeks in advance

2) Corporate Event/Wedding package

* Minimum order: 3 trays (Consist of 75 pcs medium cupcake size)
* RM3.50 - RM6/pc (Depending on Complexity of the Design)
* Only available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavour
* Frosting: Buttercream with/without Fondant Design
* Minimum deposit of RM100 to be paid at Boutique Cupcakes Outlet
* Please place order 3-4 weeks in advance

For design consultation and more enquiries, you can call us at 0168262508...

or visit Boutique Cupcakes today and view our daily creative custom design cupcakes!!!

You can also call our outlet to reserve at 088 243552!


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