Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boutique Cupcakes is officially opened!

Posted by Boutique Cupcakes at Thursday, October 07, 2010
Hey guys!

I just got back from the Boutique Cupcakes grand opening.
It was packed with lots of supreme cupcake lovers(!!!) and hundreds of our cupcake is almost finished!!!!
*and we have not even reached half day of our first working day yet!*

The grand opening was held early this morning, and our shop is filled with oh so delicious cupcakes baked by Angeline and her team!
The ribbon cutting ceremony was captured by photographers, reporters, videographer including on-lookers :P
It was sort of a touching moment as this is the day where all of the Boutique Cupcakes team, parents and families had been waiting for months!

The time is not even 11am yet and we already have our first customer!
Our first customer bought 1 dozen of mixed flavour cupcakes :)

Few more customer keeps coming in right after and the kitchen is getting busier and busier XD
Poor Angeline and her kitchen team...
they have been working hard since yesterday till almost midnite!
Without them, there's no delicious cupcakes ;)

Mei on the other hand is in charge of the shop assistants and most of the process concerning the outlet.
This lady boss has not been resting properly and always make sure that ALL Boutique Cupcakes team is well fed ^^

There are those unforeseen little things that we still need to settle to serve you better.
So please bear with us for the first week as we are all still adjusting to our new environment hehe :)

As mentioned in previous post, we STILL take online orders, be it our outlet cupcakes or custom design cupcakes!
So don't stop visiting our facebook page as it is a place where you'll get most of the latest info and news from us :)

Oh! Just in case you have not seen the overall view of our cupcake counter, here are some of the photos taken last night

Check out our staff apron too! We love the embroidery!

To view our before and after photos of our outlet, including the grand opening ceremony, please click here.

Last but not least, BIG CONGRATS to our founding 'mothers' and owners of Boutique Cupcakes, ANGELINE HAN & MEI WONG!!!! Welcome to Boutique Cupcakes everybody!!!!


3 comments on "Boutique Cupcakes is officially opened!"

Farica said...

congratulations!!! glad that u have a outlet now so i can always pay a visit to buy my favourite cupcakes <3

CathJ on October 7, 2010 at 9:37 PM said...

Congratulation again.. beautiful shop!! can't wait to try the ccake myself.. ^_^

Boutique Cupcakes on October 8, 2010 at 8:15 AM said...

Thank u guys!!! hope to see u at the shop! :)


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