Monday, August 30, 2010

Beautiful beach wedding cupcakes

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Cupcakes take the cake! and just like traditional layered wedding cakes, wedding cupcakes has becoming a trend for an elegant fantasy confections and delicious treats!

Not only it is less expensive, but your guests will enjoy having it as a dessert during the reception or take it home with them in a little cupcake favour box ;)

So in this post, we're gonna share with you one of our beloved customer's beach wedding cupcakes held few days ago at Sunset Bar, Shangrila Hotel! ;)

Meet Mina :)

Mina is a dentist, and she was previously surprised with our cute tooth fairy themed cupcakes during her birthday :)

Now... who would've known..
She is finally married with the love of her life, Joon Mun *insert 'awwww~~~'*

This time, Mina gets to pick her own cupcake theme...
instead of going for the normal sandy neutral brown or an ocean blue, she chose to be vibrant and selected pink and white instead!

Since classiness is part of a must have design for traditional wedding, we spiced it up with an elegant cupcakes cup to go with it :)

Note: Fancy cupcake cups' price depends on the complexity of the design. We can order them online for you :)

As for flavour, we suggested chocolate with buttercream frosting.
Buttercream is great for any occasions.. AND it wont melt so easily ;) as long as you put them at room temperature.

There's no word to describe how happy she was on her big day :)
On behalf of Boutique Cupcakes team, we'd like to wish once again a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to both Mina & Joon Mun on your wedding day!


If you want this for your wedding, call us up today at 0168262508 or email us at to know more about our wedding package!

We are also renting the cupcake tier for a prefect cupcake display and also provide some selections for gift box and fancy cupcake cups for purchase ;)


Photo credited to Arick Teoh

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ezwan & Sarah's Engagement Ceremony

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During the first week of august... especially on a beautiful date, 8.8.2010, there were lots of people doing shop opening, engagement, baby shower and weddings.. and that was also the time where Boutique Cupcakes busy with a handful of orders!

One of our clients who got engaged on the 8.8.2010 were Ezwan and Sarah :)

The theme was a simple pastel pink and yellow with a hint of retro chic.
So this is what we came out with...

Ezwan and Sarah took our event size chocolate cupcakes (slightly smaller than the usual size) with buttercream, together with our cute 'CCTV' like packaging.

They love the simplicity and the practicality of the packaging.
They also requested for a custom made packaging sticker to be added to their package (which you can request too) .

Just in case you are wondering, the packaging price vary from the type of gift box you choose and the sticker's price on the other hand vary depending on the size and the complexity of the design :)

Aww.. isn't she lovely? :)

On behalf of Boutique Cupcakes team, we would like to wish Ezwan and Sarah a Happy Engagement Day.

We hope to see them again on their actual wedding day! :)

*Email us at today to know more about our event and wedding packages. Tell us your wish, and we'll be happy to plan a beautiful cupcake design just for you!*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Job Opening: Join the Boutique Cupcakes team!

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Hey guys!

In conjunction with the opening of Boutique Cupcakes first outlet in no. 45 & 46, Lintas Station, we are now currently looking for FULL TIME staff to join the Boutique Cupcakes family. Here are the details:

Front Counter Staff Criteria:

- Able to speak Basic English & Bahasa Malaysia. If you can speak mandarin language, it will be a bonus!
- Fun personality
- Cute will be a factor! ;)
- 18 till 35 years old
- Fresh Grad are encourage to apply


Baker's Criteria

- 21 years old and above
- Have basic experience in baking and decorating
- Knowledge in fondant decorating is a bonus. If you don't have any, it's okay!


Baker's Assistant Criteria

- 18 years and above
- Have basic experience in baking and decorating


Work Schedule:

Front Counter Staff:

Shift A: 10am - 2.30pm 4.30pm - 9pm
Shift B: 10am - 7pm
Shift C: 12pm - 9pm

Kitchen (Baker/Assistants)

Shift A: 9am - 1pm 4pm - 9pm
Shift B: 10am - 7pm
Shift C: 12pm- 9pm



- EPF is provided, 12% for all employees.
- 14 annual leaves
- Boutique Cupcakes Operating Hour is EVERYDAY from 11am to 9pm
- Work is 6 days a week with 2 shifts a day.
- All shifts will be distributed when you are already in the team :)


We will have an interview on the 29th, 30th and 31st Aug 2010, 2pm at CUBE Restaurant, Citymall.

If you are interested, please email us your resume/ details/ preferred interview date/ inquiries at

Looking forward for you to join the team!


Friday, August 6, 2010

We're baaaaaack~~~

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So sorry for the late of updates. We just had too much fun in Taiwan *heh =P*

Anyway, if you follow us in Facebook, you guys might have known that the Boutique Cupcakes team flew to Taiwan last week to find more inspiration, more cupcakes supplies, as well as some interior decoration for our upcoming outlet in October!

We jumped from shop to shop, and were delighted to find some cupcake supplies that are a bit hard to find in Malaysia.

But to be honest, it wasn't that many.. which we were a biiiiiit dissapointed... but nonetheless, the famous themed cafes and restaurants in Taiwan really saved the day :) And we got SO MUCH inspiration!

We also got to go to many cafes which are famous for their cupcakes and desserts!
We bought SOOOO MANY for tasting that our tummy can't handle eating them anymore @_@

And last but not least, finding fancy and creative deco for our upcoming outlet in October!

Now that our shop design is finished, we CAN'T WAIT for the renovation to start soon! XD

Best of all is that the trip brings the Boutique Cupcakes team closer.

Not to mention extra kilo too =P

Watch out for our opening in October!

Next Boutique Cupcakes trip: *secret*


Sunday, August 1, 2010

UMS Colourful Japanese Cultural Night: The Report

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On the night before the event,
we prayed.. prayed and prayed that it won't rain the next day.
With the power of hope... it didn't rain..
It was SOOOO hot! XD

The Boutique Cupcakes team arrived at 2.30pm.
It was too early to set up, so we lingered around till 4pm.
And when the cupcakes are out, our booth were swarmed by lots of people!
...and all we could hear was...
"Waaaa... Hello Kitty!!! Sushi!!!!"
"OMG! There's Naruto! Wait... One piece too! So many Anime characters!!!"

We LOVE hearing that.
For that.. we thank ALL of you, you and YOU who came, bought our cupcakes and supported us till all 500 pcs of cupcakes gone in 4 hours.
Boutique cupcakes *hearts* UMS Japanese Cultural Night!

Oh~ We LOVE our cupcake tier display!
I know the customer loved them too.
They just can't stop taking picture of it!

Here are the Boutique Cupcakes team with Yukata outfit ;)

Hehehe.. this is one of those only time we could wear this sort of outfit XD
The cupcakes were not the only one got their picture taken of.
Us too! Muehehehe XD

Stone, one of our talented volunteers presented us a gift ;)
He came to visit us during the event as well!

Awwwwwww!!!! Isn't she adorable!
We're gonna place this in our new outlet in September.
If you reading this blog and happen to see her in our shop, you'll know where she came from ;)

(Sandra and Stone)

All 500 cupcakes finished by 8pm when the event supposedly ended at 11pm!
Last but not least, group photo!!!

Thanks again guys for supporting the Boutique Cupcakes team!!!!

If you guys missed out our special edition sushi cupcakes, you know where to find us to custom order ;)
Our shop is opening in September too!!!

See you at UMS Japanese Cultural Night next year!!!


Some of you might wonder how was the production work looked like the night before :)
Here's some of the photos for your viewing.

This is the edible icing image with lots of anime characters.
Thanks to Marissa for assisting us on the different types of animes!

Of course branding is important :)
We wouldn't missed this pink Boutique Cupcakes lady hehe.
Hrmm... she should have a name..
Any suggestions? :P

The UMS peeps located us at the Spring booth area.
So Sakura design is a must!
This is chocolate flavour with vanilla buttercream.
Yumm! XD

As you might have saw, we also made Hello Kitty Cupcakes and Sushi Cupcakes!

Don't worry...
All of the deco are edible..
We used mainly candies, fondant icing and sugar-rice XD

To be honest, we felt concern that it might be too sweet.
But to our surprised, we saw some of those who bought the sushi cupcakes just stuffed them all into their mouth @_@
Talking bout sweet tooth XD

To conclude our post, Boutique Cupcakes would like to specially thank to our ever helpful volunteers, namely Sandra, Stone, Cha, Sahana, Nurainee, Mary-Anne, Cassie, Lily and Julian who came to help us out.

There's a gift for all of you! Wait for our email ;)


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