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UMS Colourful Japanese Cultural Night: The Report

Posted by Boutique Cupcakes at Sunday, August 01, 2010
On the night before the event,
we prayed.. prayed and prayed that it won't rain the next day.
With the power of hope... it didn't rain..
It was SOOOO hot! XD

The Boutique Cupcakes team arrived at 2.30pm.
It was too early to set up, so we lingered around till 4pm.
And when the cupcakes are out, our booth were swarmed by lots of people!
...and all we could hear was...
"Waaaa... Hello Kitty!!! Sushi!!!!"
"OMG! There's Naruto! Wait... One piece too! So many Anime characters!!!"

We LOVE hearing that.
For that.. we thank ALL of you, you and YOU who came, bought our cupcakes and supported us till all 500 pcs of cupcakes gone in 4 hours.
Boutique cupcakes *hearts* UMS Japanese Cultural Night!

Oh~ We LOVE our cupcake tier display!
I know the customer loved them too.
They just can't stop taking picture of it!

Here are the Boutique Cupcakes team with Yukata outfit ;)

Hehehe.. this is one of those only time we could wear this sort of outfit XD
The cupcakes were not the only one got their picture taken of.
Us too! Muehehehe XD

Stone, one of our talented volunteers presented us a gift ;)
He came to visit us during the event as well!

Awwwwwww!!!! Isn't she adorable!
We're gonna place this in our new outlet in September.
If you reading this blog and happen to see her in our shop, you'll know where she came from ;)

(Sandra and Stone)

All 500 cupcakes finished by 8pm when the event supposedly ended at 11pm!
Last but not least, group photo!!!

Thanks again guys for supporting the Boutique Cupcakes team!!!!

If you guys missed out our special edition sushi cupcakes, you know where to find us to custom order ;)
Our shop is opening in September too!!!

See you at UMS Japanese Cultural Night next year!!!


Some of you might wonder how was the production work looked like the night before :)
Here's some of the photos for your viewing.

This is the edible icing image with lots of anime characters.
Thanks to Marissa for assisting us on the different types of animes!

Of course branding is important :)
We wouldn't missed this pink Boutique Cupcakes lady hehe.
Hrmm... she should have a name..
Any suggestions? :P

The UMS peeps located us at the Spring booth area.
So Sakura design is a must!
This is chocolate flavour with vanilla buttercream.
Yumm! XD

As you might have saw, we also made Hello Kitty Cupcakes and Sushi Cupcakes!

Don't worry...
All of the deco are edible..
We used mainly candies, fondant icing and sugar-rice XD

To be honest, we felt concern that it might be too sweet.
But to our surprised, we saw some of those who bought the sushi cupcakes just stuffed them all into their mouth @_@
Talking bout sweet tooth XD

To conclude our post, Boutique Cupcakes would like to specially thank to our ever helpful volunteers, namely Sandra, Stone, Cha, Sahana, Nurainee, Mary-Anne, Cassie, Lily and Julian who came to help us out.

There's a gift for all of you! Wait for our email ;)


5 comments on "UMS Colourful Japanese Cultural Night: The Report"

Anonymous said...

i went to the ums japanese cultural yesterday and bought ur cupcakes..u guys are impressing me! keep it up! fully support will be given to the new opening putlet =D

Boutique Cupcakes on August 2, 2010 at 4:51 AM said...

Thank youuuuu!!!! Which cupcake package did u buy? Did u try our sushi cupcake? :)

cha said...

I just notice there's a picture of me posted here!! :)) hehe..tq for the experience..have always wanted to try fondant decorating but so lazy to start, thinking it's hard to do..but now i realize its not that difficult at all..tq me if u need volunteers ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes were really pretty and cute. I have tasted the sushi cupcake, the decoration really cute however, the taste is not really...good

Boutique Cupcakes on October 16, 2011 at 9:29 AM said...

Hi there :) thank You for the feedback. Fondants are use mostly for decoration purposes and it tasted sweet. To make the sushi cupcakes we had to use them to make it as realistic as possible. Some people especially who loves sweet will find it alright. Some who doesn't, will definitely tasted the overly sweet taste. It is entirely depending on each and everyone's tastebud ^_^ don't forget to drop by our cafe in citymall to view our other products ya? We also have mini cakes, savories and desserts! See u there!!!


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