Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Opening Soon - 1st Boutique Cupcakes outlet in Kota Kinabalu!

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After few months of waiting and waiting...

Say Horaaaaay!!!!!! XD XD XD

So what can you expect from our outlet?

Firstly, it's gonna be a take-out outlet!

Instead of the usual 25 pcs in a tray, soon, you can drool over our Boutique Cupcakes and choose to buy individual cupcakes at any flavours with any designs! You can also ask our cute maids to decorate a special message for your last minute occasions! ;)

Want more?

We will also have more than 10 boutique cupcake flavours just for you! We're not gonna spoil the new flavours yet, so you might have to wait for the grand opening ;)
But do check out our facebook and blog from time to time for future daily flavours and seasonal flavours too aight?!

Oh! There's more! *which I'm so dying to tell you* but.... you'll have to wait... :(

We don't want to reveal everything too soon do we? =P


The dying questions most of you have been asking and waiting for...

Where is the outlet going to be????











A beautiful corner lot in No. 45 & 46, Lintas Station in Lintas Plaza!!!

You will not miss it, THAT we can assure you.

We are located just beside the roundabout (on the left) and it's gonna be PINK!
Your kids especially will love it!

So watch out for the progress report on our outlet!

I'm gonna share all here, including the renovation story including all other upcoming events!

Stay tuned!!!!

Edible Icing Image

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Do you know that edible icing image is getting popular and super great for cupcake decorations?

Unlike when I was little, kids nowadays are SUPER lucky coz even the most complicated designs and images can be printed out onto your cupcakes and cakes!

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut
Cream Type: Cream Cheese + Fondants + Edible Icing Image
Theme requested: Mini cooper!
Occasion: Birthday

Edible Icing image/ink is made out of natural food colouring and dyes mixed with natural and synthetic sources which is safe to eat!

Similar to fondant and buttercream icing, edible icing image is NOT advisable to be put inside the refrigerator. Just normal room temperature will do. (Unless you want it to melt/come out soggy :P)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Cookies & Cream + Edible Icing Image
Theme requested: Famous Japanese Candy Milk Girl
Occasion: Birthday Celebration

One of our my personal favourite would be this one ;)

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut
Cream Type: Cream Cheese + Fondants + Edible Icing Image
Theme requested: Birthday Celebration
Occasion: Birthday

Aren't they just ADORABLE?!!! XD

Here's a picture tagged by our customer of her daughter loving our cupcakes :)

You can have one of these too!

So just in case those little ones (or your loved ones) wanted some design that is impossible for any baker to draw.. no sweat.. Boutique Cupcakes can provide you with Edible Icing image too! ;)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elmo and Hello Kitty themed cupcakes!

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Once upon a time, there was a girl name Tutty Fruity.
She presented a boy name Hui Min a gift of Elmo cupcakes!

The boy loved the cupcakes SO MUCH that he stored it in the freezer for months (!!!) and not allowing anyone else to touch it! *wow*

And now, it's Tutty Fruity's turn to be surprised by Hui Min and they live happily ever after!!! Yey!!!!

Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla
Cream Type: Fresh Cream & Fondant
Theme requested: Elmo & Winnie the Pooh
Occasion: Girlfriend's Surprise Birthday
Message: Happy birthday B!

Hui Min requested Boutique Cupcakes to design Winnie the pooh with honey pot & Elmo with an extra of 2 comic faces of them on 2 cupcakes.

LOL! Great short story isn't it? =P

On the other hand, another sweet girl is celebrating her sweet 20th birthday today and that is BabyZaty!!!

Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla

Cream Type: Butter Cream & Fondant
Theme requested: Hello Kitty with LV design (Pink theme)
Occasion: 20th Birthday Celebration
Message: Happy Sweet 20th Bday BabyZaty

We hope you like the Hello Kitty theme + LV design BabyZaty!!!

Boutique Cupcakes team

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boutique Cupcakes 5000 cupcakes project - Making it Happen (in 48 hours!)

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You read it right!

5000 cupcakes
in 48 hours!

Boutique Cupcakes feel honored to have been invited and given the opportunity by the Ministry of Community Development & Consumer Affairs Sabah (Kementerian Pembangunan Masyarakat dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna) to bake 5000 cupcakes for the launching of Wisma Wanita* on the 18th July 2010 (Sunday)!

But Angeline can't do it alone without YOUR help.

Hence, Boutique Cupcakes are now looking for 10 helpers to join Angeline in making the 5000 cupcakes challenge happening on the 16th & 17th July 2010 (Friday & Saturday) from 9am till 9pm.

As a token of appreciation for helping out with this challenge/historic event, all helpers will be given lunch & dinner for both days and best of all, you will also be given a limited edition BOUTIQUE CUPCAKE T-SHIRT for participating in this project! ;)

MSJ studio will also be there to film and photograph the whole process and it will be up in our FB gallery as well as in our Boutique Cupcakes outlet in the future!

So what are you waiting for??! ;)

If you are good and have passion in baking just like Angeline (at least have experience in it), enthusiastic and willing to work long hour in 2 days in making this project successful together with the rest of the team, you are more than welcome to email us at for any inquiries.

For those who are successful, you are also invited to come for the briefing this Saturday, 26th June 2010 at CUBE restaurant, Citymall at 11am!

So are you up for the challenge? ;)


*Wisma Wanita is a women-friendly building built for the women in Sabah as a whole, which one of them inclusive of women entrepreneur, young and old. The cupcake is for the invited 5000 guests and visitors who will come for the launching which include students, women NGOs, government department, women entrepreneur, women from other districts and within Kota Kinabalu, women from public and private sectors and many more!


Newspaper article for the Launching of Wisma Wanita

Click here for location of Wisma Wanita

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the world!

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It's that time of the year again when we celebrate THE man that we love.
A man that always maintain their cool (at least most of 'em) when things got rough...
A man that is respectable but hug-able...
Our knight in shining armor...
Our protector...
Our Superman :)

Here are some of the Father's Day designs that Boutique Cupcakes had the privilege to make :)


As expected,
other than good food,
golf has ALWAYS win most of the dad's heart.

And that was what Michelle ordered for her beloved dad :)

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut
Cream Type: Cream Cheese
Theme requested: Golf
Occasion: Father's Day
Message: To world's best dad, I love you tones!

In this design, Angeline shaped a set of golf course with golf balls, sticks and few ponds!
If you have big imagination, you can even imagine yourself playing at the rich and famous golf course in Orlando while eating the cupcakes *hehe* =P

While some dads/husbands love golf, others are more into football, basketball and what else? CARS :)
So in Catherine, Carrian and Dessirae's case, Boutique Cupcakes had designed a set of cupcakes to fit each of their requested theme :)

Photo courtesy of Catherine

Catherine Chong
Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla
Cream Type: Cookies & Cream
Theme requested: Tie, Basketball & Football
Occasion: Father's Day

Carrian Ng
Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla
Cream Type: Cookies & Cream
Theme requested: Cars, Basketball, Tie, Frisbee
Occasion: Father's Day

Dessirae Foo
Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut
Cream Type: Fondant icing
Theme requested: Cars & Accessories
Occasion: Surprise Birthday for her husband

Hehe.. but not all dads are into sweat & sport ;)
Some (just like Yen Chee's husband) loves good books and relaxing activities like FISHING!

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut
Cream Type: Cream Cheese + Fondant
Theme requested: Fishing
Occasion: Father's Day

For this design, Angeline used jelly candy for fishes, hooked to a fishing rod :)
She also made the frosting to look like splashes of water ^_^
*cute right?!*

Last but not least, our customer, Apple, ordered a mix design for 2 celebrations i.e. Father's Day and Birthday.
Since boutique cupcakes sold by tray (25 pcs), Apple requested for 12 cupcakes with buttercream and mixed fruits for Father's Day and 13 Ice cream shaped cupcakes with Fresh Cream + Disney toy Decoration for her daughter's birthday (Carmen).

Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla

Cream Type: Fresh Cream + Buttercream
Occasion: Father's Day + Birthday

For more deco, please visit our facebook page and add us as your friend :)


On behalf of the Boutique Cupcakes team, I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting us with lots and lots of orders/ideas.

At the same time, we'd also like to sincerely apologies for turning down some of our anticipating customers' request as our order has reached its maximum limit ><"

But nonetheless, your continuous support is much appreciated! :)

As to all the dad's in the world, especially the sporting and cool dad, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pearly white & blue cupcake theme!

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Happy Sunday Boutique Cupcakes lovers!

And we'd also like to say HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to Syvania!!!

Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla
Cream Type: Fresh Cream + Buttercream frosting
Theme requested: Blue & White theme with Paw design, pearl and choco-chip maltese deco

Like our cupcakes?
Order your cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes for your special occasion today! ;)

'When you see a cupcake, you've got to smile!'

Boutique Cupcakes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pacman, Lady Bug Garden and more inspired designed cupcakes!

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The thing about working in cupcake business is that
we get to learn more and more everyday just by fulfilling customers' request,
or by following their custom made cupcake theme/inspired cupcake theme from the internet!

2 days ago, one of our customers, Mia, requested for a Pink & White theme Chocolate flavoured cupcake with Fondant and Buttercream frosting.
To spice it up, she asked us to include additional little flowers and cats drawings on it with a message 'Another One Bites the Dust...' XD Hehe...

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Fondant + Buttercream frosting

This order was not for her though... but it was a gift for her friends wedding :)
Isn't she a great friend? ;)

Another order was requested by Bing for his girlfriend's birthday (Grace).
Liking what he saw in our FB gallery, he asked for the same Beach and Sky theme design we previously made :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Cream Cheese

PS: Party photos are all courtesy of Bing

Uhuuuuu ^_^
So how did you enjoy your birthday Grace? :)
If you're reading this.. you're definitely lucky to have a sweet beau such as Bing ^_^
Don't forget to order special cupcake for his bday too! LOL!


We also received 2 orders from customers whom their theme was inspired from the net.
First is the Ladybug Garden theme requested by Ivy for her daughter's 8th Birthday :)...

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut (Our Signature flavour!)
Cream Type: Fondant

and next, is the the PacMan inspired design requested by Joanna for her 2 buddies, Wayne, Choo and Aaron :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Fondant


Last but not least, a custom made design created by Angeline for Mina, our customer whom profession is a dentist:

Don't tell us you hate going to the dentist after looking at this sweet tooth yeah :P

Here's some of the photos shared:

Mina and her Sweet Tooth Cuppies!

Mina and her beloved fiance!

Mina & our designer - Angeline!

Happy birthday Mina!!!


See? That's why we love cupcakes...
It just bring happiness to lots of people and liven up every party :)

So whatcha waiting for?
Order your cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes for your special someone today! ;)

'When you see a cupcake, you've got to smile!'

Boutique Cupcakes

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simpson & Marge Cuppies! (D'oh~)

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Starr is currently in oversea and wasn't able to celebrate her anniversary with her beloved bf in her home town today.
But that didn't stop her from presenting a sweet delicious 4th anniversary surprise ;)
Together with Boutique Cupcakes, her beau got a Simpson & Marge's theme cupcake!

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate

Cream Type: Fresh Cream + Chocolate Chips

Awww... aren't they a loving couple :)

We couldn't get enough with the cute little doughnuts ^_^

Aaaaanyways... the plan was a success!
Starr's bf was really surprised :)

Happy 4th Anniversary you lover birds!!!!


Another customer of ours, Chelsie, ordered 2 trays of cuppies for her Parent's Day occasion.

First cupcake was a garden with colourful flowers theme :)

Cupcake Flavour:Vanilla
Cream Type: Fondant

For her second tray, Chelsie requested for a 'Home Sweet Home' theme including adding every family member's name in her household (pet dog & fish too!) on top of the cupcakes :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Cream Cheese + Fondant (for deco)

Love giving surprise to your special someone?
Contact Boutique Cupcakes at today!
Or reach our Facebook here!

Remember... 'When you look at a cupcake.. you've got to smile!' :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cream Cheese & Mushy Marshmallow!

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Below is the basic cupcake design ordered by MingJer.
It was for her beloved husband's birthday using a simple
light blue & white theme.
To fancy it up, we sprinkled some fluffy marshmallow! :)

Cupcake Flavour: Vanilla

Cream Type: Cream Cheese

If you think about that special someone and want to surprise them, visit us in Facebook or email us for price list at today!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Iron Man for a day!

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Our lovely customer Vichelle got his son THE Iron Man for his birthday yesterday :)

Cupcake flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Buttercream + Fondant
Theme: Iron Man


Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Jowen@Jojo!

Boutique Cupcakes team

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boutique Cupcakes for events!

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On the 25th March 2010, Boutique Cupcakes was honored to be involved in the first Kota Kinabalu Twestival, which was held at the Stone Bridge Gallery, located in Asia City.

In support of this charity event, our designer stayed up all night, making lots & lots of cute and delicious cupcakes, carving and shaping each fondant so that it looked like the famous twitter bird :)

The event was done to raise contributions that will go directly into projects that help kids from the poorest nations get an education.

Combined with other activities that night, KK Twestival managed to raise RM6, 330 for charity!

Love the twitter bird cupcake? We can do it for you too :)

All business/wedding/celebrations are welcome to place their order here and we promise, that our Boutique Cupcakes taste is as delicious as our design ;)

Smile! :)

For Event group photos please click here, for newspaper cutting and here, for magazine coverage :)

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