Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simpson & Marge Cuppies! (D'oh~)

Posted by Boutique Cupcakes at Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Starr is currently in oversea and wasn't able to celebrate her anniversary with her beloved bf in her home town today.
But that didn't stop her from presenting a sweet delicious 4th anniversary surprise ;)
Together with Boutique Cupcakes, her beau got a Simpson & Marge's theme cupcake!

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate

Cream Type: Fresh Cream + Chocolate Chips

Awww... aren't they a loving couple :)

We couldn't get enough with the cute little doughnuts ^_^

Aaaaanyways... the plan was a success!
Starr's bf was really surprised :)

Happy 4th Anniversary you lover birds!!!!


Another customer of ours, Chelsie, ordered 2 trays of cuppies for her Parent's Day occasion.

First cupcake was a garden with colourful flowers theme :)

Cupcake Flavour:Vanilla
Cream Type: Fondant

For her second tray, Chelsie requested for a 'Home Sweet Home' theme including adding every family member's name in her household (pet dog & fish too!) on top of the cupcakes :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Cream Cheese + Fondant (for deco)

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Remember... 'When you look at a cupcake.. you've got to smile!' :)

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