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Pacman, Lady Bug Garden and more inspired designed cupcakes!

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The thing about working in cupcake business is that
we get to learn more and more everyday just by fulfilling customers' request,
or by following their custom made cupcake theme/inspired cupcake theme from the internet!

2 days ago, one of our customers, Mia, requested for a Pink & White theme Chocolate flavoured cupcake with Fondant and Buttercream frosting.
To spice it up, she asked us to include additional little flowers and cats drawings on it with a message 'Another One Bites the Dust...' XD Hehe...

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Fondant + Buttercream frosting

This order was not for her though... but it was a gift for her friends wedding :)
Isn't she a great friend? ;)

Another order was requested by Bing for his girlfriend's birthday (Grace).
Liking what he saw in our FB gallery, he asked for the same Beach and Sky theme design we previously made :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Cream Cheese

PS: Party photos are all courtesy of Bing

Uhuuuuu ^_^
So how did you enjoy your birthday Grace? :)
If you're reading this.. you're definitely lucky to have a sweet beau such as Bing ^_^
Don't forget to order special cupcake for his bday too! LOL!


We also received 2 orders from customers whom their theme was inspired from the net.
First is the Ladybug Garden theme requested by Ivy for her daughter's 8th Birthday :)...

Cupcake Flavour: Carrot Walnut (Our Signature flavour!)
Cream Type: Fondant

and next, is the the PacMan inspired design requested by Joanna for her 2 buddies, Wayne, Choo and Aaron :)

Cupcake Flavour: Chocolate
Cream Type: Fondant


Last but not least, a custom made design created by Angeline for Mina, our customer whom profession is a dentist:

Don't tell us you hate going to the dentist after looking at this sweet tooth yeah :P

Here's some of the photos shared:

Mina and her Sweet Tooth Cuppies!

Mina and her beloved fiance!

Mina & our designer - Angeline!

Happy birthday Mina!!!


See? That's why we love cupcakes...
It just bring happiness to lots of people and liven up every party :)

So whatcha waiting for?
Order your cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes for your special someone today! ;)

'When you see a cupcake, you've got to smile!'

Boutique Cupcakes

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