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It means To Make A Difference (by giving) :).

Christmas came early again this year with 'ShoeBox Christmas' project initiated by a group of anonymous volunteers.

What is ShoeBox Christmas you ask? Well to put it in a simple term, it's basically putting together whatever gifts for children you have in mind, pack it in a shoebox and wrap it with love. You can read about it more here on how this project started :)

Just like last year, Boutique Cupcakes has decided to join this wonderful project once again for ShoeBox Christmas 2011!

You can't imagine how happy we were when we saw the photos as well as hearing how excited all the village children were when they received our colourful cupcakes last year.

For this year, more locations will receive lots of Christmas Gifts donated by YOU ;)

The gifts are given batch by batch... and in each batch.. there are about 10 locations will receive surprise Shoebox Christmas gifts from ShoeBox Christmas projects!

For example, here are the list of locations as of the 13th September 2011:

Kg. Dandun - Pitas
Kg.Lugu/Pandan/Mandamai/Ontolob/Peropok/Mandurian - Pitas
Kg. Terian and surrounding villages
St. Theresa Hostel, Kota Marudu
Franciscan sisters kindergartens in Paitan , Pitas
Skycommunity, Kota Marudu
Emmanual Houses, Kudat
Kg. Tenghilan , Asrama Gereja St James Tenghilan,Tuaran
Kg. Tenghilan , Mission Asrama (KK - Kota Belud),Tuaran
Asrama Desa Pukak, Kiulu

So how can you join this project?

Here are easy steps for you to follow:

1) Go to the mall and pick empthy shoebox.

PS: Ladies, we're VERY SURE you have lots of them at home :P

2) Decide Age (2-18 years old)

3) Decide Gender (Boy / Girl)

4) Shop to fill box with appropriate gifts.

PS: You can also donate items in your home, as long as it is still in good connditions and appropriate to be given as gifts for children e.g. colouring pencils, books, toys, clothes, shoes... you know.. kids stuff! Imagine as if you're giving your own children.. or little siblings.. little nephews... nieces... you get the idea :P

5) Bag or Wrap or Tie it up.. Just imagine yourself like a Santa or Santarina

6) Write Down Gender and Age Group

7) Drop off at closest location

For more info, visit or Join their FB group here

"It is more blessed to give than to receive", thus the saying goes.

Christmas this year will be different, because YOU choose to make the difference.

You have decided to help put a smile on the face of an unknown child or adult, warming up their hearts and sharing with them the spirit of giving, this Christmas 2011.

Let's do it!



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