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5000 cupcakes project - Day 2

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After a TIRING day 1, everything went smooth and dandy on the day-2 of our 5000 cupcakes mission.
When day-1 was all about baking, mixing, sticking and packaging,
day-2 was more to colours, frosting & decorating!!!
And all of our helpers had more fun and we definitely see more smiles on day-2 XD

Boutique Cupcakes were given a theme of Pink and Purple.
So instead of using the same design, we came out with a classy round piping for pink colour and rose petal design for purple colour ;)

This is how the final design looked like :)

As you can see, all of us are wearing the Boutique Cupcakes tshirt :)
We made it special for this project and each one of our helpers were given one as a token of appreciation for helping us out :)

We also made extra cupcakes for all volunteers to bring home :)
Best part is, they can deco their own cupcakes anyway they wanted!

All cupcakes had been delivered and distributed to the VIPs and guests during the building launching of Wisma Wanita Sabah yesterday.
We really hope that all of them will fell in love with the cupcakes just as how all of our fans do :)

You can also view more photos here

Gerry from MSJ Photography did a filming on us as well.
Check the teaser video by clicking here ;)

All in all, Boutique Cupcakes would like to thank ALL (each and everyone of you) volunteers for participating in Boutique Cupcakes 5000 cupcakes mission!
Not only that we break the target time frame (We finished baking more than 5000 cupcakes in less than 12 hours.. and finished deco in less than 8 hours!!!), we also finished early!

Boutique Cupcakes love you!!


Boutique Cupcakes team


Here's a picture tagged by our customer who happened to be at the launching event of the Wisma Wanita building at got our cupcakes!!!

Awww... Isn't she adorable? Thank you for tagging us!

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Thank you Gav!

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well done mei!!! :)


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